I guide Washington, D.C. parents in their search for schools that can best support children with learning and attention issues.  Here's what I know about you: 

Your child has struggled in school and you have teacher observations and/or testing data to prove it. 
...your aspirations for your child have shifted. 

You wonder if your child will be happier and be more successful at a new school. feel misunderstood and you crave unbiased opinions.

Your child is intellectually very bright, highly creative, intensely curious...and does not follow the pack. want and need more than cookie cutter approaches to learning.

Your definition of a "top school" is no longer a feeder school for the Ivy League. know there's so much more to life and this still feels a little unsettling.

You wish your child could get straight As at their current school if they'd just work a little harder. know in your heart this is not possible and big changes need to happen.  

You feel stretched thin as you research learning disabilities while balancing the every-day demands of being a parent.'re exhausted yet, nothing gets you down.

You’re anxious about the private school admissions process. don't know where to begin; it's intimidating.

You're not sure who you can trust to share what’s really on your mind as you discuss what it means to change schools. worry that you're worrying too much.

You're growing more and more impatient when you hear, “Oh, your son/daughter will be just fine." 
...and you think to yourself, "It's complicated...and I want more for my child." 

You want your child to reach their full potential,
You want your child to experience a sense of belonging. 

You want your child to feel confident in who they are as an individual. 
...and you'll do whatever it takes for them to achieve this. 

It's time to prioritize self confidence, resilience, compassion, integrity, grit and strong self advocacy skills over speed reading, the quick mastery of math facts and stellar test scores. 

I can ease your concerns and help you redefine what success means for your child and your family. 

It is my passion and my purpose to help parents unlock the talent, strength and creativity of children who learn differently. Finding the right-fit K-12 school is critical to success.  
I guide parents in their search for that school. If needed, I also help them find the right educational support services. I encourage parents to trust their instincts - they know their child best. I help them strategize and determine next steps. I keep them moving forward until they get the results they want for their child. Working with me brings clarity to the process and gives you confidence about your decisions and actions as you seek the best learning environment for your child.  

I can help you:

  • Understand the benefits of testing and early intervention
  • Think through what a right-fit school means for your child
  • Identify the best time to evaluate your child for a learning difference
  • Clarify areas of concern and the goals you have for your child
  • Develop an action plan for moving forward to meet your child’s needs and develop their unique strengths and interests
  • Set into motion the recommendations outlined in a neuropsychological evaluation or psychoeducational assessment
  • Collaborate and communicate with independent schools and specialty service providers
  • Develop a short list of schools to consider for your child (for Washington, D.C. area clients only)
  • Gather information about best-fit schools
  • Identify what to look for and what questions to ask when you tour schools
  • Prepare your child for school visits and interviews
  • Think through next-step decisions as you move through the K-12 school application process
  • Identify, evaluate and select tutors, test-prep professionals, educational testers, advocates, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, special education consultants and other service providers
  • Identify online resources, articles and tools to help you stay informed, organized and sensibly sane
  • Maintain a positive perspective so that you can move forward productively while minimizing stress

Here's How we can work together

Signature offer:  one 60-minute session for $125
My signature offer is designed to help busy parents in the Washington, D.C. area think through options and identify the next steps they can take to find the right-fit school and support services for their child who learns differently. 

I promise clarity with no guilt. You'll feel lighter and less stressed.

It's ok to want something more for your child.

During our session you will receive:

  • My unbiased opinion as we discuss what you're trying to achieve for your child, where you are in the process and what you can do next to move through the private school admissions process in the Washington, D.C. area. 
  • A short list of schools to explore, referrals to call, programs to attend and/or relevant material to read. You'll feel more self-assured. 
  • A plan of action for the very next steps you can take to support your child. Your plan will be crystal clear. 
  • My typed notes highlighting the most important action items from our session. Dates and deadlines are part of this work, so get your calendar out. You'll be laser focused and more efficient.

Optional Record Review
It can be especially helpful for me to review two to three years of background material, including testing and assessment reports, school report cards and any other relevant information you'd like to share. If you choose a more in-depth review of this material, the additional time for record review is charged at $125 per hour.  

Please note, while I work diligently to counsel families regarding appropriate educational environments where their child may be successful, I do not guarantee admission to or enrollment at any school. 

One 60-minute session:  $125

  • Short list of schools to explore
  • Relevant resources and referrals
  • Plan of action to keep you moving forward 
  • Clarity without guilt
“Deb gets it. She knows how to empathize and responds proactively with invaluable understanding, support and critical guidance. Believe me, you want Deb on your side."
-Middle School Parent

Once your payment goes through, you’ll receive an email from me within 24 business hours with my intake questions and my availability.  By purchasing my signature 60-minute session, you acknowledge that there are no refunds and this work is not a substitute for therapy.


Here are a few comments from Washington, D.C. area parents: 

“When I needed trusted and reliable names (fast!) for neuropsychological testing, Deb sent them my way. She cheered us on during the admissions touring season and shared invaluable insights on the application process. Deb ultimately helped us find our way out of the nightmare and guide us to a school where our daughter has never been happier to learn and be herself.”  -Middle School Mom
“Deb listens carefully (a skill in itself), and responds with the breadth of her professional knowledge and her first-hand experience as the mother of children with learning differences. In my experience, few people have truly understood my parental experience from this combined perspective. Deb gets it. She knows how to empathize and responds proactively with invaluable understanding, support and critical guidance. Believe me, you want Deb on your side."  -Junior High School Mom
“The last year of my life was one of the most stressful, and if I didn't have Deb as a support I’m not sure where we would be today. From the confusing test results, the incomprehensible diagnostics, and the horrible fear of your child failing, it really is a difficult time that no one should have to go through, at least not alone. I wouldn't have even applied to the amazing school my child now attends if it wasn't for Deb. Now I can breathe comfortably, knowing that my daughter is in the best place possible." -Elementary School Mom
“My fourth-grade daughter woke up with stomachaches and begged to stay home from school almost daily. As middle school loomed, things went from bad to worse, even though teachers and administrators were writing rosy report cards and minimizing the social/emotional concerns I was describing. In a fog of confusion and upset over the state of my child's ongoing negative experiences, Deb became my beacon of positive encouragement and knowledgeable resources.” -Elementary School Mom



Q:    Will you recommend a school for my child?
A:    I will guide you in your journey of finding the right-fit K-12 school so that you have confidence in your school decision, and if appropriate, I can absolutely weigh in with my thoughts of where your child will best thrive. However, I cannot influence orguarantee placement at any school.

Q:    Do you specialize in particular types of learning differences? 
A:    At this time, I primarily work with parents of children who have dyslexia, dysgraphia, language processing and auditory processing conditions, dyscalculia, and related disorders such as ADHD, executive functioning weaknesses, and anxiety. If your child is on the autism spectrum, is a twice-exceptional or gifted learner, or diagnosed with other learning differences, I can refer you to colleagues who can help.

Q:    Do you work with families who have children in public school?
A:    My expertise is in private, independent schools and what they offer.  I am learning to navigate the framework of public schools, but I’m not an expert. I can, however, help families who want to move from the public school system to a private school.

Q:    What if our child’s learning profile and need is too complex for your expertise?
A:    I have an excellent network and can refer you to the right type of specialists that can be most helpful to you and your family. 

Q:    Why do I want to work with you instead of a highly credentialed education consultant?
A:    I approach each client’s situation from the parent perspective. I empathize with the parent in a way that even the most credentialed expert can’t – unless they've been through the experience of parenting a child with learning differences and finding the right-fit school. 

I offer a unique value that education consultants can’t match.  That said, every situation is unique, and some families may need services from education consultants with certain backgrounds or experience. Some families need both of us!