Do you think it's impossible to say a kind no?

Being the mother of a child with learning difficulties can feel like a tidal wave.

You're flooded with information. You can’t catch your breath and it feels like you don’t have your feet on solid ground. It’s almost impossible to stay in the present moment because you’re filled with fear and worry of an uncertain future for your child.

I know this is not what you had planned or envisioned for your child, and it probably wasn’t what you had planned for yourself as a mom. Parenting is hard. And parenting a child who has a learning difference is even harder. I know it can feel almost as if you planned for a beach vacation in Hawaii and you land in Iceland.  You packed bathing suits and flip flops, and now you need winter coats and skis...and you don’t even know how to ski. You’re not prepared and you have no idea where to begin or know what you can do next.  

You probably also feel more alone than ever before because well-meaning family and friends tell you, with good intentions, your child will be fine and to not worry so much. But you worry. And you wonder what's best to do because you know deep inside that you haven’t found the right support--the people who can lift you up and keep you focused on what matters most.  At the same time, you're unsettled. Your child is different...and not as “easy” as other children. 

I want you to know I’ve been there. I get it. I know what you’re going through and yes, it’s complicated and it’s an emotional mess at times, too.

I’ll share an awkward and embarrassing story of mine to help you gain some perspective and to help you feel a little better:  I was sitting in my child's 2nd grade class for a Mother's Day class event and the teacher handed out pictures our children had just drawn of us -- pictures of what our children remembered most and loved about their moms.  I glanced down with excitement and a smile, and then nervously glanced around at the other drawings moms had received. I noticed pictures of moms making pancakes, hanging out at swingsets, playing games, reading books and pictures of moms with big smiles on their faces. Not mine. My picture was a stick figure of me sitting at my desk with a high stack of papers on it...and my feet were propped up on the desk.  My heart sank. My face turned red and I started to tear up. This was not the mom I wanted my kids to remember. I wish I could roll back the clock and change everything in our lives from that minute forward, but I can’t. I wish I could tell you that was my big wake up call…but it wasn’t. 


Here's what took me 10 more years to learn:  

I matter...You matter.  

And so does your child and your family. 

But you come first.

You must value yourself, your health and your well-being.

You need to prioritize YOU and give back to yourself. 

You need to be able to think clearly.

You need sleep.

You need to spend time with friends who get you and understand what you're going through. You need a sense of humor. 

You need to be lighthearted, playful and kind (not grumpy even when you feel grumpy). Because you can’t help anyone if you aren’t taking good care of yourself. Think about the oxygen mask metaphor, but get even more serious about it.

Your opinion, your experience, your views….they all matter. Don’t be quick to align yourself with the opinions of others...friends, teachers, tutors, testers...they all have valuable thoughts and insights to share, but you need to know what’s most important in your view.

This 60-minute session will give you the tools you need to develop habits, routines and systems for prioritizing your roles and responsibilities. And yes, it’ll come without the mom guilt that we’re all too familiar with. 

If you're longing to unlearn the helicopter mom role and become more playful, accepting, curious, connected and empathetic with your children, then let's work together to clarify your boundaries and put yourself first so you can make meaningful connections with your child.

It literally took a split second for me to feel comfortable talking about challenging issues with Deb. Her incredible warmth and compassion were immediately apparent to me.
— Junior High School Mom

You can make the present a present.

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I'm Deb Zuckerman and it's my passion and my purpose to help busy moms with children who have learning and attention issues.

Why? Because I am that mom, and I know how much we need to leverage our time and delegate tasks to get everything done while not losing sight of how to unlock the talent, strength and creativity of our children.

I give you back time to connect with your child and not remain hyper-focused on what needs to change, improve or get done. 

I get that you're exhausted and overwhelmed from trying to do it all and be a good mom...while reading up on learning and attention issues...plus while trying to meal plan (and maybe you're wondering if that day will ever happen). 

I understand you're actively hiding the mess you are on the inside, while keeping it all together on the outside. 

I get that you feel the need to be perfect all the time, afraid of making a single mistake. 

I know you want you children to be more independent, think for themselves and do for themselves, but you're tackling all their needs at the expense of your own well-being. This has a ripple effect on your children. 

The good news is that I know first-hand that you can feel more positively connected to your family and less like a social secretary and taxi driver. I'm currently working toward my healthy boundaries coach certification with Randi Buckley.

I know how to help you be more aligned with your values, and what you want most for yourself and your kids. 

I know how to help you realize that you can become your child's best advocate by putting yourself first. 

I know how you can be a kind, patient mother (and person) while defining, setting and communicating your boundaries...the values in your life that guide what you want in your life. 

Ready to set your Healthy Boundaries?  There are only 3 spots available at this special introductory pricing. Click the button below to feel more positively aligned and at ease.

Healthy boundaries Coaching:  One 60-minute session for $75

"Boundaries are the infrastructure for your life and relationships. You want them to be healthy, easily articulated, clear, and kind."    -Randi Buckley

"Boundaries are the infrastructure for your life and relationships. You want them to be healthy, easily articulated, clear, and kind."    -Randi Buckley

During your 60-minute healthy boundaries session you'll get:

  • Clarity and definition around your values. They are the backbone of our work together. You’ll take time out to remember what’s most important to you and your family. My healthy boundaries coach Randi Buckley says it best, "Boundaries are your values in action."

  • A personalized short list of tools and recommendations for how you will prioritize your roles and responsibilities. We will ask and answer, how can you put yourself first and make time for what's most important?

  • Tips for how to communicate your boundaries with kindness and how to connect in meaningful ways with your children.
  • My typed notes with your top takeaways from our session. You'll have what you need to face the hectic holiday season with soft strength and greater ease. 

Once your payment goes through, you’ll receive an email from me within 24 business hours with my intake questions and my availability.  By purchasing my 60-minute Healthy Boundaries session,  you acknowledge that there are no refunds and this work is not a substitute for therapy.


Here are a few remarks from parents who have worked with me:

“Deb speaks honestly from her heart and shares her experiences openly and generously. She has a genuine interest in reaching out to and connecting with parents in need of support.” -Junior High School Mom

“I can’t recommend Deb highly enough. Not only is she dedicated and knowledgeable, she has been through what you’re going through, and understands your concerns.” -Middle School Mom