I’m Deb, and I’m happy you’re here. 

I'm a mom of two bright and talented children with language-based learning differences. I have successfully navigated their paths to the best-fit schools for their learning profiles, and I’m happy to tell you that they are now thriving. 
The process wasn’t easy. In fact, it was incredibly difficult. I wanted to believe that small classes, experienced teachers, detailed learning plans, and dedicated tutors would be enough. But as my kids continued to struggle, my intuition told me they needed something more. Or something else. And it was up to me to find it.
At many points during my search for the right specialty services and schools, I was overwhelmed with information, fraught with confusion, paralyzed with uncertainty. I had a strong sense of urgency, and I so desperately wanted to do the right thing, but was constantly questioning my next move. I struggled to balance my drive to advocate for my kids with the delicate nature of questioning experienced teachers while following school protocols.
Throughout this time, I worried: Were my kids going to fall behind if I didn’t make change happen quickly? How would changing schools impact them socially and emotionally? If I pushed too hard with interventions and tutoring, would they think there was something wrong with them? Would their self-esteem suffer? 
Looking back at this challenging time, I would have loved a mentor.
Someone to help me manage the uncertainties of what it means when your child is diagnosed with a learning disability...

Someone to inform me that the best-fit school would be my children’s most powerful learning tool, and to eliminate the guesswork in finding it...

Someone to tell me when to push forward, and when to trust the process, the system, the educational experts...

Someone to tell me exactly what to look for at the schools I was considering, and to help me recognize red flags... 

Someone to strategize with before communicating with schools and interviewing at schools...

Someone to tell me when I needed to seek help from a tester, tutor, or special education consultant...

Someone to reassure me that it was going to be OK.
I really could have benefitted from the wisdom of another parent – someone who had been through it all. I never found that person.

But now, I can be that person for you.
I was the first person in my family to go to college. I attended high school in a small town where, at the time, tutoring, test prep and “learning differences” didn’t exist. But I knew, in comparison with my peers, I had to work harder. I found workarounds. I persevered. That got me to college at Temple University, where my sense of drive and determination pulled me through and enabled me to earn a B.S. in business administration. I had a successful career in professional services marketing for two decades, gaining most of my work experience at large, international law firms.
Now, I help parents in the Washington, D.C., metro area find best-fit schools and specialty services for their K-12 children who learn differently. I offer guidance that stems from the knowledge I gained during the past decade, as my two children progressed through their elementary and middle school years at independent schools in the area.

In addition, I've seen the difference a good school and healthy boundaries can make.  I know how parents of children with learning differences often become fierce advocates for their children. Sometimes this can tip into potentially harmful territory, such as over controlling, over protecting or over perfecting behaviors. I've noticed these habits in myself, and I've learned to take a step back and let my children learn from their own experiences. It's true that kids and moms need more than good schools for balance, joy and intimacy in a family system. Usually healthy boundaries are the missing link. Alone or combined, my two services can make a meaningful impact in family life.   
I am always working to expand my expertise to create even more value for my clients. I'm currently working toward my associate membership with the Independent Education Consultants Association (IECA), I'm enrolled in Randi Buckley's Healthy Boundaries Coach & Facilitator Training Program, and I frequently attend industry-specific conferences and workshops. 
If you want guidance and coaching from another parent who has set healthy boundaries in their life and/or has been through the process of finding the right-fit school for a child with learning and attention issues, you’re in the right place.
I’m a parent, like you. I can relate to how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking. I’ll talk with you parent-to-parent, not “expert”-to-parent.
I’ve been there. I went through what you’re going through, and I can empathize. I understand your concerns – I know which ones you should pay attention to, and which ones you can let go.
I’m unbiased. I’ll always give you a straight answer. I won’t judge you. I have no agenda but yours.
I’m compassionate. I became an education consultant and a healthy boundaries coach because I care about helping children reach their full potential, regardless of learning differences. I know I can make a parent’s journey less stressful and feel more balanced in positive ways – and that’s good for the whole family.